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Lap harps

For enquiries please quote the number of the harp required, delivery will be extra, buyers are welcome to collect.

These are ex-workshop harps which were bought as seconds originally, they are damaged as shown in photos. The levers can be replaced and in the case of neck and pillar damage, we have repaired them all to fully working condition and they have been fine for the last 10 years. However their condition is reflected in the extremely low price - they would be fine for children and schools or as a spare travel harp.

Harp 1 (left)

22 nylon strings

no levers

Height 30" 77cms

Width 17" 43cms

Carry bag.

Made in Pakistan

No damage.

Price 100


Harp 2 (left)

known as Muzikkor 'Claddagh'

22 nylon strings

22 levers, (2 broken)

Height 37" 94cms, W 18" 46cms

white mark on soundboard

Carry bag. Fully functional.

retail at 494

Price 200

Damage shown in photos

on right-



Harp 3 (left)

known as Muzikkor 'Claddagh'

22 nylon strings

22 levers

(3 broken, 1 with missing part)

Height 37" 94cms, W 18" 46cms

Carry bag.

Fully functional.

Retail at 494

Price 200

Damage shown in photos

on right-


Harp 4 (left)

Known as 'Minstrel'

29 strings,

24 levers

H 38" 97cms

W 24" 60cms

Carry bag.

Fully functional.

Retail 549

Price 300

Damage to column repaired (right)


Harps 5 a,b and c

3 harps available of this model

known as 'Glenluce' or 'Heather'

22 nylon strings, Travel bags.

H 36" 91 cms, W 20" 51cms

These harps retail at 335

They are all fully functional.

Harp 5a has a split in neck underneath


Harp 5b has split in top of neck, 80

Harp 5c has split in neck underneath

and 2 levers missing. 100

damage shown Right A, B and C -



Lever harps


34 string lever harp

Detachable legs

Dust cover

H 57" 145 cms

No damage

Good serious starter harp.

Price 1000


Salvi Ana

Mahogany finish

38 strings

Dust cover

Perfect condition

Retail 4500

Price 3800

South American

Paraguayan Harp

37 nylon strings

Guitar style tuners as normal

H 57" 145 cms W 26" 66 cms

Excellent sound, perfect condition

retail around 1000

Price 700

Pedal harps

Erat double-action

Antique harp Circa 1820

rare survivor with original soundboard

beautifully restored

by Michael Parfitt 2008

43 strings

Fully working and with

beautiful delicate sound.

Travel cover, dust cover and boot.

Price 7000

Salvi Angelica pedal harp

46 strings

Gilded scroll

Made early 1980s

Excellent condition and fully working.

with better sound than usual for this size of harp.

These have become sought-after collectors

instruments since they are no longer made.

Nylon padded travel case and trolley available.

A stunning student-sized pedal harp.

Price 8000


Aoyama Amphion Concert pedal

47 strings, extended soundboard

Walnut finish. Bought 2007

Excellent condition

beautiful bright sound.

Sale includes tuning key, dust cover,

boot and travel case, side protectors

trolley and some strings

Price 10.500


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